1. jennyowenyoungs:

    Late-night post-recording smile-town pasta-fagioli hyphen party with Mike Tuccillo: master of bass, risotto, and the art of wordlessly compelling strangers to buy him beer, just by visually reminding them of Bob Ross.

    I’M SORRY. Will you just look at these two dumb faces?? Goddamn I miss tour. Also, sometimes I have dreams about Mike’s risotto.


  2. the-torey-storey said: Have you learned alot about the biz talking to owners of the venues? or just generally other artists

    Yeah! I really did learn a lot by working with and talking to venue owners and concert promoters. It taught me a lot about what’s awesome and what’s not so awesome about the touring industry. When you’re traveling to venues all across the country it really makes you appreciate when they get it right - a friendly promoter and awesome sound guy go a long way.

    I also totally lucked out with Jenny, Mike, and Elliot. They’re all really smart and know a thing or two about touring and the music industry. Being able to hear them talk about their own experiences gave me a kind of unique insight into the musician’s perspective, which you rarely get in a college classroom.

    When you’re tour managing (or artist managing too I suppose) you’re basically working as the middle man between the artist and the business, so being able to understand both perspectives is really important. I learned A LOT on this tour, and I can’t wait to get back on the road because I feel like I have so much more to learn, you know? LEARNING!

  3. jennyowenyoungs:


    Photo of intense drum battle between @JennyOwenYoungs and myself at Mercury Lounge last Friday. Photo by Gina Asprocolas. The best way to end an amazing tour. 

    Finally I am all haircut and drum sticks.



  4. Anonymous said: What was your favorite city and/or the strangest thing you encountered on the tour?

    You know, a lot of people have asked me my favorite city and it’s really hard to choose one. I really didn’t get to see too much of any one city (except Portland) because there wasn’t much down time. I mostly gauge cities on how nice the venue was and what the hotel was like. BUT ANYWAY, the highlights for me were probably Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Austin - but all for different reasons.

    Chicago because the crowd was awesome and I got to see my friend Meg from high school.

    Seattle because we ate really good sushi, drank awesome coffee, and tractor tavern is a really cool venue.

    Portland because we actually had time to hang out there, the city itself was really weird, but the again the coffee was ridiculous, the venue/hotel was AWESOME, and the DOUGHNUTS.

    San Francisco because the crowd was awesome and, you know, it’s San Francisco.


    Austin because the BBQ was insane, the crowd was awesome, the venue was really cool AND I drank some really good coffee at this place that kind of looked like someone’s living room?

    Also, strangest thing I encountered (this is kind of gross) but somewhere I believe in Texas there was a rest stop bathroom with two toilets right next to each other. No door or anything. It was PRETTY WEIRD. 

  5. Well, in honor of not doing my homework I posted some videos from the 3/15 show at The Red Palace in DC. “Wake Up” is one of my favorites on An Unwavering Band of Light. Crazy that it was only two weeks ago, seems like ONE MILLION YEARS.

    I also put up "Pirates" and "Already Gone" and oh my god I miss being on tour so much.


  6. Anonymous said: How did you get this internship w/ Jenny? I would kill for it.

    WELL. I go to Northeastern where they are really into you getting real world experience in the field that you are majoring in. So last January through June I was doing my second six-month co-op (aka internship) in New York City at ATO Records and Red Light Management (which was awesome). I saw that Jenny tweeted about needing an intern and thought, “I mean I would probably be good at this, and it seems like it could be cool, and I’m in New York so I might as well…” so I emailed her my resumé, we met, and it went from there!

    As much as I would never admit this to her face, she is kind of an awesome boss.

    Questions! Feel free to ask them if you have them! Apparently I have to give a presentation in my senior seminar class about what I learned and stuff while on tour, so I’d be interested to know what people actually want to know about, you know?


  7. Anonymous said: Are you 21 yet? If not, how do you get in to all of Jenny's concerts because some are 21+, right? (I am just a curious creature)

    Oh hey thanks for asking! You make me feel so young! I am 21, have been for almost a year, so that makes things easier.

    Questions! Feel free to ask them if you have them! Apparently I have to give a presentation in my senior seminar class about what I learned and stuff while on tour, so I’d be interested to know what people actually want to know about, you know?


  8. So remember that time…

    I started a blog about tour, and kept up with it for a little bit, and then totally slacked?? Because I do. Turns out being on the road is pretty time consuming.

    Anyway, I have a bunch of videos and pictures to post so just know that will happen eventually. In the meantime, I’ve been home for a little less than a week and I’m pretty ready to be back on tour. Luckily I’ve been able to suspend my official entrance back into the real world another few days because I’ll be meeting Jenny, Mike, and Elliot in Providence tomorrow and traveling with them until we’re back in Boston on Saturday.

    If these last few days have been any indication, when this tour is over for real I am going to need to find some SERIOUS motivation to make it through this last semester. Post-tour senioritis is not the best.

    But, classes end in less than a month and graduation is 42 days away, so I will PROBABLY be able to tough it out. 

  9. My life basically revolves around pancakes.



    cc: Jenny Owen Youngs, Madi Daigle, Mike Tuccillo

  10. The majestic Mike Tuccillo scaling the only thing that stood between us and the football he threw into a gated parking lot. Even though he risked his life retrieving it, his catch privileges are still revoked.